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   Success Consultech is a Thai management consulting and training firm registered with the Ministry of Commerce. Founders of the firm have been widely involved in related work and are experienced in diversified areas. 

       We provide specialists and experienced consultants in each of our core areas of expertise :

botton1 Business Strategy Planning

botton1 Business Opportunity and Development Studies

botton1 Business Investigation

botton1 Project Planning and Feasibility Studies

botton1 Market Assessment and Reviews

botton1 Business Process Improvement Study

botton1 Continuous Improvement

botton1 Organizational Audit and Design

botton1 Organizational Development/Change

botton1 Human Resource Development

botton1 Management Information System

botton1 Joint Venture Search

botton1 Etc.

     We are committed to providing premium quality services tailored in a cost effective manner to meet clients specific requirements. Whenever there is a need for a multi-disciplinary team, we collaborate with outside experts and academic institutions. Our team is committed to excellence.

mail  E-mail : consultech@success.co.th